On October 30th, Owensboro High School is losing a prime staff member. Officer Rick Latanzio is a well-known name around OHS. For six years, he has been a vital part of our school. From lockdowns to fender benders in the parking lot, he has been there through it all.  

“It is just time,” Latanzio says. As a husband and father of two kids, including a 10-week old infant, he feels that his time is crucial to their relationships. He is unsure of his plans or possible career options after leaving OHS. One thing is for sure, however, he will be spending time with his family.

For the past two weeks, Scott Norris has been shadowing Latanzio because he was just announced as our replacing school officer. He is excited about getting to know all of the people. “After working [at the police department] for about 31 years, I was looking to do something unique,” said Officer Norris.

In 1999, Latanzio began his career as an officer. He has held multiple positions in the Owensboro Police Department including downtown and street patrol, detective work, and school officer. Latanzio says his past officer experiences have shaped him in a variety of ways. “Everyone has their own addictions. After all I have seen, I have learned to not judge,” Latanzio said.

Latanzio said that his favorite memory while being the OHS school officer, is when the boys’ basketball team won the state championship in 2015. He has been there through it all and he will be missed. Owensboro High School is losing a good one and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

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