Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Journalism 1 students formed editorial boards and wrote the pieces linked below. Read them and leave us a comment.

(From Group A:) The Coronavirus has undoubtedly turned the world upside down and has ruined any sense of normalcy for the last year or so. It is now time to regain a sense of normalcy though, and it starts with holding prom for the seniors here at Owensboro High School. Seniors have been looking forward to this moment their entire lives. 

The seniors deserve to have at least a semblance of a normal year and with the mitigation of the pandemic, that can be achieved. They had expectations for their senior year and they didn’t get to meet most of those. The least we can do is hold this prom for them. Not to mention, overall the morale of students and staff would greatly improve with the occurring of a senior prom. The prom would be safe due to the proper precautions being taken. The risk of Coronavirus would be taken seriously. 

There will be some that say that due to the pandemic, holding the senior prom would be too much of a risk for the spread of the virus. This is not true though. The senior prom would be adapted to the life we now live, and proper measures would be taken to insure the safety of all that attend. For example, instead of the prom being held inside like normal, it would be a majority outside event. This would mitigate the risk of the spread of the coronavirus. As an added safety measure, the school would send out release forms that highlight the risks but also protect the school from liability.

In conclusion, the seniors should have an opportunity to end their high school experience with the tradition they have always looked forward to. The hard work and dedication the seniors have put in over the last four years should be rewarded with a prom night. A fun but safe prom night will leave our outgoing seniors optimistic for their futures.

Marvin Cramblit, Serenity Hinton, Inasia Barksdale, Cali Spears, Aidan Neal, Noe Po

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