By: Madison Slaton

This year the OHS Marching band is so excited to show everyone our show for this year titled “En Fuego!En Fuego is not like any show OHS has done before. The show is full of rock and Latin charts and features steel pans, a drum set, and a variety of awesome solos! The band plays 3 pieces this year including Adventures in Time, Tio Macocco, and a classic Latin piece Malagueña. Owensboro includes elements that very few bands do such as our unique way of micing everything to make sure that the live experience the audience is hearing is the best quality of sound coming from our ensemble.


  1. September 10th, 2022 at Madisonville North Hopkins High School: placed 2nd in Class AAA, placed 4th overall, and the best soloist award was received by Scarlet Head.
  2. September 17th, 2022 at Ohio County High School: placed 2nd in Class AAA and 2nd overall.
  3. September 24, 2022 at Daviess County High School: best guard in Class AAA, best percussion in Class AAA, 1st place in class AAA, and Reserved Grand Champions.


4. October 1, 2022, Muhlenburg High School, time TBA

Recognizing the Seniors in Band <3

Scarlet Head – flute (soloist)/percussion (section leader)

Madison Slaton – flute (section leader)

Laci Thaxton – clarinet (section leader)

Jaxon Eric- drum major

Christian Carter – trumpet (soloist, section leader) 

Dante Dillman – mellophone (soloist, section leader)

Cambron Davis – mellophone (section leader)

Faith Likens – baritone (section leader)

Josh White – baritone (soloist, section leader)

Ren Ramsey – tuba (section leader)

Will Haws – tuba

Ashley Rhineburger – guard (captain, soloist) 

Jessicah Solis – guard 

Allyson Buck – guard

Owen Munoz – guard (soloist) 

What do the members think about this year’s show?

“Our marching band show is really exciting this year, I’m excited to get to compete and show the other bands En Fuego.” – Faith Likens 

“It showcases what we as a band have accomplished to show the community and our way of bringing people back together after the pandemic.” – Christian Carter 

“The show is really coming together and I know we are ready to show everyone how hard we’ve worked. Fasten your seatbelts, we’re coming in HOT!” – Jaxon Eric

“I truly believe this year’s season gives a great ending to seniors and a wonderful welcome for newcomers into OHS’s marching band.” – Ashley Rhineburger 

“Our show is all about Latin music and having fun!” – Mr. Klausing

“We had our students in mind when designing this show! It showcases our talented students in a variety of ways.” – Mr. Barr

From left to right (starting at the top row and going down) – Cambron Davis, Dante Dillman, Ren Ramsey, Josh White, Christain Carter, Faith Likens, Will Haws, Laci Thaxton, Scarlet Head, Madison Slaton, Allyson Buck, Ashley Rhineburger, Jessicah Solis, Owen Munoz, Jaxon Eric