By: Khoa Ta

The year of 1989, a turning point in the education of hundreds of thousands in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. A major marking Supreme Court Case Rose v. Council For Better Education established seven (7) Capacities that are constitutionally inalienable to all students: sufficient oral/written communication skills, knowledge of economics/social/political systems to make informed decisions, understanding of governmental processes, knowledge of his/her mental-physical wellness, grounding in the arts to enable appreciation of his/her cultural/historical heritage, training or preparation for advanced training in either academic or vocational fields, and access to sufficient levels of academics or vocational skills to enable public school students to compete favorably with counterpart states. 

This very Supreme Court Case is now being brought up once again by the Kentucky Student Voice Team (KSVT)–Young people co-creating more just, democratic Kentucky schools and communities as education research, policy, and storytelling partners. With the work of KSVT’s Rose Revival Campaign, my colleagues and I are excited to bring our Rose Forum to Owensboro. Taking place at Owensboro Convention Center (West Ballroom E) on June 8th, 2:30 – 4:30 pm CT.

Students, teachers, administrators, and parents/guardians; we all hold a share of the responsibility in how our districts and public schools operate. Come to KSVT’s Owensboro Rose Revival Campaign to put your voice and opinions out on the current state of Kentucky Public Schools, but especially the state of Owensboro’s public school. Where have districts such as Owensboro Public Schools and Daviess County Public Schools succeeded? Where have these districts failed to address certain problems? That is the question brought to the table; go and represent this desire for an ever better and more democratic community.

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