By: Leeland Hernandez & Allan Kalambayi

Last week, we discussed the infamous KingPin in our inaugural piece. This week, we turn our attention to another villain that deserves major props, Ultron. If you don’t know who Ultron is, then let me give you a rundown. Ultron is an AI that was created by Tony Stark. His initial purpose was to protect the Earth from any other alien invasion that might occur after the tragic 2012 invasion of New York City. However, instead of protecting the people of Earth, he deems humans as the greatest threat to humanity and decides to take matters into his own hands.

Ultron isn’t just scary for his intentions. His strengths are also horrifying. First, his physical strength is able to tear through the strongest metals as if they were cheese. He also has the entire internet in his brain, making him the most intelligent being on the planet. The backing of more than enough Stark Tech, due to his “relations” with Tony, also doesn’t hurt. His feats aren’t anything to laugh at either. For one, he was able to hack and gain control of most of Tony’s tech in a matter of moments. Second, he was able to lift the entire city of Sokovia and, in an alternate timeline, he was able to wipe out multiple universes.

In a word, Ultron is terrifying due to his strengths, feats, and intentions. He is a very capable and dangerous villain who can only be stopped in death. This is why we think Ultron is one of the greatest villains in the MCU Multiverse, who would be absolutely horrifying to see come to life.