By: Digital Devil Staff

1. Turkey: Let’s be honest. How many of you truly love the turkey on Thanksgiving? Unless it is cooked to absolute perfection, it’s dry and takes up room in your tummy that should be filled with delicious sides (and/or ham).

2. Gravy: This goes along with the Turkey narrative. Gravy is really just there to make the turkey edible. If the turkey is cooked well, it doesn’t need gravy. And if mashed potatoes are cooked as they are supposed to, you don’t want gravy canceling out buttery mashed potatoes.

3. Pumpkin Pie: Hottake incoming. Pumpkin pie can be good. There are pumpkin pies out there that are objectively delicious. But it can also be really bad. And the thing that makes it bad is the key ingredient, pumpkin. Too much pumpkin ruins a pumpkin pie, and any food item that can be ruined by its key ingredient is mid at best. Additionally, anything that needs a masking agent, whipped cream in this case, can’t be taken seriously.

4. Stuffing: It takes forever to cook, which takes time away from cooking the better sides. But ultimately, stuffing is on this list for one reason and one reason only – texture. The texture of this overrated amalgamation is unpredictable and rarely appealing. Too runny or too dry and this dish will find its place against the lavender-scented, plyable plastic of a Hefty bag.

5. Coleslaw: Nothing says I forgot to make a side to bring to family Thanksgiving more than coleslaw. Say what you want about this dish, but it’s unpleasant mix of cabbage and vegetables tossed in mayo and vinegar gives off an aroma that is less than pleasant to say the least. Not to mention that it’s a side that MUST be served cold, but is always warm because of A) transportation time and B) sitting out, untouched, while all the other yummy sides get devoured.