By: Samuel Busse

This is a list of the 10 best mobile games, in order of greatness, with a small description of the game and the reason why they are there on the list. It is a relatively unbiased list, trying to consider the opinion of the majority, not just my 10 favorite mobile games.

A vast majority of the world enjoys fun, and since the invention of mobile devices, a different kind of fun has dominated the lives of many, especially children. The average childhood is now 400% better (facts are optional) since the invention of mobile phone games. While there are a few masterpieces, there is also tons of garbage out there, so here’s a list of the highest quality beauts, in order of greatness for your convenience that we (the Devious Devils) recommend you try. I am sure you will agree that this list leaves no room for debate.

10. Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars, the best battle royale, well at least in its prime when it had less brawlers. The wide variety of characters, maps, and modes allows for people to play Brawl Stars a while before getting bored even if they don’t want to play competitively. Gadgets and Star abilities add extra layers of play as you level up. The game tries to stay active with balance changes and new brawlers. However, there are a bit too many brawlers now. With over 72,  Brawl Stars can be overwhelming at times. 

9. Minion Rush

An illustrious and surprisingly long campaign game that gives the player challenges with a decent difficulty that they must complete while on a neverending run through the Despicable Me universe. Also Vector is a boss, so it gets points there. Also with customizable minions and costumes. There was even a competitive mode which was amazing. The competitive mode was a game between you and two other minions where you race to the finish line. That was so fun. The powerups, the level design made this the best competitive game I played as a six year old. Minion Rush is #9 because the game underwent changes to keep it relevant and got rid of competitive mode making the game rubbish in comparison to its prime (Still better than subway surfers with its cheap knockouts and less variety).

8. Plants vs. Zombies

These games were revolutionary. In the tower defense game category where you try to save waves of enemies this is definitely the best. (sorry Bloons) The creativity with the different plants and zombies and the wide variety of strategy and quirkiness make for  a very fun game that doesn’t require too much concentration. It spikes in difficulty after you beat it and play through it again for those looking for a challenge. 

7. Candy Crush

A pioneering math 3 puzzle game, which generally are not good, but are popular for some reason. Therefore it gets on this list for being the best of those games. You match three candies to eliminate them from the board and if you match extra you can get power ups, yay. A positive to this game is that you have hearts, so it’s a good game to just pop out during a break.

6. Cut the Rope

This game is spectacular. Just play it. Nothing more needs to be said, but I’ll attempt to capture its brilliance. You want to swipe on your screen so a candy cane circle falls or rolls into the green fella’s mouth. This may sound rather lame, but once you should try it out you will understand the genius behind it. The green dude is the ultimate motivator for me to play the game. Every ounce of blood inside is rushing with energy and vigor due to how badly I want to give this green guy what he deserves on all 425 levels. Once you play the game, you will agree.

5. Clash Royale

Starting off the top five we have the famous Super-Cel deck builder Clash Royale. The game has had numerous updates that have added many features to the game and for the most part the game has stayed consistently good. With one of the largest number of people playing Clash Royale out of any mobile game, it would be on the top of the list if it didn’t suffer from the same problem as other games like it. At any given time a few decks will be the best. You can gain skill with your own deck, but as you climb the rankings there will be balance updates that cause a certain deck to beat up your crappy Mega Knight, FireCracker, Valkyrie deck that you enjoy so much. However, even with losing many times to the current best deck. More often than not you will play people with moderate decks and more in the ball-park with your skill level. Also modes like draft and 2v2 add even more fun to the #2 of Super-Cel’s games

4. Angry Birds

Epic theme song! Heart-pounding strategy game that took the world by storm the moment it came out, Angry Birds is incredible for its fun birds such as Red Bird, Chuck, Hal and Terrence. Also, for creative villains like King Pig, Foreman Pig, and Corporal Pig. Angry Birds has cleverly designed levels that are difficult, yet rewarding when we finally succeed. (To some people Angry Birds might get repetitive, but people who claim this are actually just bad at the game and don’t go through it at a fast enough rate to enjoy it, so get better!!) Angry Birds added various worlds that gave a bird special abilities that made some parts of it have an extra layer of fun. For example Mighty Feathers Red, which is an extremely fun world where you can only use red birds that have  a strength upgrade. Another cool aspect is that the villains have epic and complicated story arcs that leave us confused and perplexed at every turn. All these factors make Angry Birds a truly monumental game that will be popular for centuries and millennia to come.

3. Geometry Dash


A game with awesome music and is fun. YAY!

The premise of Geometry Dash is simple yet genius. Avoid all hazards while sliding through a colorful world. The only problem is that this is a monumentally difficult task to complete sometimes or it may seem that way. Geometry Dash is good because you do better the more you play and learn. This is true of every game, but it is very clear to see in Geometry Dash because it measures what percentage of the level you made it through. Geometry Dash has levels that increase in difficulty as you go all the way from 1 star difficulty to 14. Also the music gets more complicated and relatively better as you progress through a level so you get a tangible reward for your efforts. The soundtracks for levels as a whole don’t necessarily get better as difficulty goes up because 14 star “Clubstep” is definitely not better than 6 star “Can’t Let Go” and 10 star “Electroman Adventures.” However, the fact these are earlier levels means you can enjoy them sooner. Which is another plus for Geometry Dash. Despite all this, due to Geometry Dash not being a collaborative game with friends we are putting it third.

2. Minecraft Pocket Edition (Bedrock Edition)

Do I need to justify Minecraft? The greatest concept in the history of games. In Minecraft you are a person trying to survive in a wilderness full of dangers. Your goal is to build a stable home, be productive, advance yourself in your world and most of all have fun. Where else could you possibly do this? If you are reading this and thinking “Wait, I can do this in real life.” Then you aren’t actually thinking because Minecraft is a game that is a good use of your time and should be done over actually productive activities. Minecraft has many positives. Randomly generated worlds where you can play with friends, loud cows, creepers, and PVP (Player versus player). Minecraft’s negatives don’t exist. So go play Minecraft. 

1. Clash Clans

You have to be biased to disagree with this one. Clash of Clans is the best. When it came out in 2012 it was huge. It grew to a top game. Now it’s the third highest grossing mobile game. (It’s way better than the first and second) In Clash of Clans you can join a clan and fight other clans for glory. You are a clan leader developing his village. Your goal is to gain trophies and gain resources to become the best in the world. You can increase your trophies and steal loot by battling other villages and as you advance in the game how you attack other villages is constantly changing. As you advance your troops get upgraded and you unlock new ones. Eventually you can use cool troops like goblins and balloons. Also, you can pay a lot of money and advance instantly or you can spend a large amount of time waiting to battle and for your gold mine and elixir collectors to produce resources to advance. Waiting may seem like a negative, but it helped millions of people who were trying to limit their screen time. This is a great game for logging in to battle and then getting off. Wait what? You don’t want to wait. Well then Clash made a mode where you can constantly battle and gain trophies on a different island with slightly changed troops. Yippee!   The best thing about Clash of Clans and the thing that puts it above Minecraft is that you can unlock Hog Riders but, you have to earn them though because they are one of the later troops you unlock. You can deploy a max of 74 Hog riders and once you are able to do that you become a very happy person. As you can clearly see, Clash of Clans is the best mobile game ever.

Author’s Note: This page is based 83% off facts and is slightly altered due to community disagreement with the science behind my reasoning.


Samuel Busse