By: Katlyn Carner

Looking for fun things to do over spring break? Whether you want to be on a beach or camping you can find something for you! Lost on what you need to bring? Look no further help is here.

Read further for great places to camp, stay, visit and the necessities you need to have a boat load of spring break fun.

Are you a camper? There are many great places to camp in and around Owensboro! Windy Hollow is a spot to swim, fish and camp! They have cabins, electricity and it’s not too far from a Dollar Store, just in case you forget something. If you’re looking for some outdoor scenery that is close, this is a good place for you.

Moving on, another place that provides great outdoor entertainment is also Diamond Lake! Now this one is a little bit more of a drive, but it is so worth it! Diamond Lake is equipped with cabins, tents and you can also bring an RV. AND there is a motel, if you want that camping feeling without staying in a tent. The motel starts at $79.74 a night, which is pretty darn affordable! Of course this will change over booking dates, but it always remains low! You can also bring your dog, cat or anything you want along, so it’s fun for the whole family! AirBNB has many amazing places to camp there as well, so many amazing camping sites that I can’t even add them all. 

So…you know where you are staying, but what do you need to bring? Of course if you are staying in a tent you will need a tent! You will also need an air mattress or sleeping bag, so you don’t have to sleep on the ground. You should always bring a cooler full of your favorite snacks and a good source of light! Other basic things you should bring include clothes, water, fans, and/or heaters. But what about killing that boredom? Well bring yourself some board games, things to paint and bring a bug kit (if you’re a collector)! You can also bird watch. It’s quite peaceful. Don’t forget your things to make smores! A true camping trip always needs to end with some great smores over a campfire. 

And that’s it for my first edition of Spring Break Ideas. Be sure to tune in next week as we get away from good ol’ OBKY. But not too far…