By: Sam Busse

For those curious, STLP stands for Student Technology Leadership Program. And our STLP here at OHS just attended the State STLP event at Rupp Arena, where there were various competitions in technology leadership. The competitions Owensboro entered/qualified in were the Podcast, Engineering and Design competition, and the Quick Tech Bowl. 

The Owensboro Podcast dubbed “Devious Devils”  has a crew that consists of Alex Garcia, Jacob Galloway, Camden Johnson, and Samuel Busse. To this point, they have generated 15 episodes that you can enjoy via YouTube, or Instagram. The group’s Devious format consists of school news, 1st topic, 2nd topic or a different type of discussion. They are fairly high quality podcasts with mostly relevant topics, so if you want to be entertained, consider tuning in.

Sadly, the Devious Devils only made it to the semi finals this year and received third place, which is good, but no reward is presented for third. But rest assured, they will be back for vengeance next year!

The Engineering and Design competitors consisted of Dawson Strobel, Max Baur, Kaden Youngman, and Logan Reeves. They designed a portable cup holder that you can carry and attach to anything. The process isn’t that simple though, as the group had to make a write-up, present their project to judges and answer questions about implementation.

Parker Nicholas and Samuel Busse entered the Quick Tech Bowl with 28 other competitors. The competition consists of 40 various tech and troubleshooting-related questions on kahoot. 

While these were the only areas in which OHS competed this year, STLP offers a ton of other competitions to try out. A few of these include:

  • Minecraft design: There is a different theme for each year. Last year it was to design a world that shows a part of history. This year was to create a landscape of a book of your choice. This is a very fun event to do with friends and have a great time. They have not released next year’s theme.
  • Original photo: Take a photo and describe in a write-up what motivated you to take it and what message does it convey
  • Manipulated Image: Like the original photo, but you can edit it to an extent to make the picture look even cooler.
  • There are newscast competitions, product/engineering designs, and coding competitions. Most of the coding competitions consists of students coding robots to travel over courses or do various tasks

Some events you complete at home and some have another step at Rupp Arena. However, everyone who goes will have time to check out tons of projects people completed and ask questions about them. There were robots in the main arena and there were tons of projects set up in big ballrooms. So there is much to do and I’d recommend trying it out.

All in all there are a lot of enjoyable events and activities to participate in within STLP, so if you are looking to try something new hop on over to the website and try out a new event. It might be fun!