By: Jesse Martinez Mata

Many people do not understand what it is like to have Tourette Syndrome or what causes people to have it. Genes play an important role, as research shows that it is a type of disorder that causes genes to interact with factors in the environment. But are a lot of misconceptions out there to clean up.

Tourette syndrome is a medical condition that comes from the nervous system and causes people to do unwanted actions. Tourrette’s is more complex than just verbal tics there is many different types of tics. These actions can result in movements such as twitches, blinking, and shoulder jumping or verbal expressions, such as vulgar words or repeating the same word. Some tourette’s range from so mild that they are hardly noticed to very severe, and some cases they are wild. You may be wondering, are there any treatments? There are treatments, no cure, but people with Tourette’s can typically manage the tics and movements to some extent. Some people differ in needing treatment, as it does affect their daily life in some capacity. However, medication will usually only be added if the tics cause Injury or interfere with work, school, etc., which can levy undue stress.

Tourette syndrome is a condition that affects many people with their daily lives, causing them to do unwanted things. Because of this, they sometimes feel they have no sense of control of what they say or do. So if you or someone you know has this syndrome, you now are a little more familiar with Tourette’s, and your understanding can help in your support, if desired.