By: Bradin Fountain & Akariee Stokley

After being the hottest thing in football last September, the University of Colorado has been facing a different kind of adversity here recently with a lot of key guys from the program hitting the transfer portal to look for a “winning program”, claiming they are tired of “playing for clicks”.

Playing for clicks in this case refers to social media and the avalanche of notoriety that has fallen on Boulder, CO since Deion Sanders (“Coach Prime”) descended upon the city’s flagship university last year. But it seems the hype train that Prime is starting to roll backwards, as no program has seen more notable players transferring out than Colorado of late. This spring alone, more than a dozen players have left Colorado, with one of the more notable names being their star running back from last year. Many of the players transferring out have said they don’t feel like they are playing for a program that’s number one goal is to win. They are now turning to the portal as a way to maybe find that type of home for their future.

With the adversity Colorado has faced, the players that are still on the team have been handling it exceptionally well, given the media coverage it has received. Hopefully Coach Prime can keep building his program and bring it to the top of college football, not just from a clicks standpoint, but from a winning percentage standpoint.