The federal government began its partial shutdown on December 22nd after Democrats denied Trump the funding for the controversial wall on the United States southern border shared with Mexico. Trump asked Congress for five billion dollars in funding to build his wall, and Democrats stayed persistent on their stance of denial.  Various compromises have been presented, such as a significant increase in funding for border security, but Trump remains defiant to end the shutdown unless his wall is funded. While it may seem insignificant to majority of the members of Congress, and the President himself, most likely due to the fact that they are still receiving paychecks, the shutdown will without a doubt harm more residents as it continues.

There are real people affected by the government shutdown. Workers under the department of Agriculture, Homeland Security, and several other departments no longer have jobs under the shutdown. The jobs that are crucial for the flow and productivity of America like Transportation Security Administration are asked to work without pay. Along with several The majority of national parks and museums are closed during the shutdown. This not only harms the workers of the facilities, but it withholds tourists from engaging in the activities as well. Federal courts are still operating, but are experiencing significant delays, and their fate is uncertain.

A significant worry of many underprivileged families in the United States is the uncertainty concerning the fate of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as Food Stamps. If the shutdown continues into February, CNN reports that 38.6 million families will not receive their SNAP. This situation showcases a harsh truth in America, Minorities will always face consequences for actions they did not commit. There are families who will not know where the next meal is coming from, while Congress is being paid to do basically nothing except hope that a deal transpires amidst all the chaos.

If anything is crucial during this time, it is solidarity. This is not acceptable behavior by Congress or the President. It is time that citizens ask more out of their representatives, and realize how symbolic and important it is that our leader be presidential. A president that is willing to let families go without food, shelter, et cetera, to win a power war, is not a president who is serving for his people. It has never been more evident that he is serving only himself.


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