For the Valentine’s Day Fanatics:

This playlist is for or the type of people who have hearts drawn around February 14th in their planners, and wait in anticipation for Cupid’s special day. Whether you prefer classic love songs like “My Girl” that you can slow dance to, or songs that explore the complexity of modern-love like “The Louvre,” there is something on this playlist for you. Don’t you just love love?

Anti-Valentine’s Day:

Just because it’s Valentine’s day doesn’t mean you have to suffer through candy grams and cheesy couples photos. Here is the perfect playlist for those who are riding solo on the love boat and need a reminder on how good it feels to be independent. With the wide variety, each song takes you through the journey to self love. Featuring songs like “Love Myself” for those who may have forgotten how amazing they are or perhaps, “My Prerogative” for those who are aware of their magnificence, but wouldn’t mind hearing it again.

Valentine’s Day Blues:

February 14th has the ability to get some of us down, especially those who just recently left a relationship. The playlist reflects the despair that Valentine’s Day can inflict. With songs like “Happy Without Me” that make you feel a little bitter about your ex moving on, or classic heartbreak songs like “All Out of Love” that will most likely lead to your parents checking on you because they’ve been there. At least you can recover with some clearance chocolate the next day.

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