When the season changes, so should our playlist. It is crucial for a new set of playlist to be created to fit the spring mood. In an effort to make everyone’s life easier, I have curated a master playlist to match the new spring moods.

For Rainy Days:

This playlist is for when the rain will just not stop. With the perfect balance of soft music with a melancholy tone, it is assured that you’ll transcend into a movie-like scene while staring out of your window a little too long. You’ll definitely feel like you are in The Perks of Being a Wallflower when “Asleep” comes on and April showers are in full effect.

Car Rides:

The end of winter signals the end of icy roads, and the beginning of car rides with windows down, and blasting music. Whether you prefer classic throwbacks such as “The One that Got Away” or songs like, “Young Dumb & Broke” that perfectly capture the essence of car rides during your adolescent years, there is something on this playlist for you.

When the Sun is Out:

A spring necessity that is often overlooked is a feel-good playlist to listen to when the sun is out, and all your worries seem to not matter anymore. Luckily for you, I planned ahead and put all the songs that put you into euphoria in one playlist. With up-beat songs like “Hard Times”, this playlist will not disappoint.

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