With 11 years and 22 movies so far, you would think that there aren’t many stories left for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to tell, I mean, what else is there for them to do? Those sentiments were likely helped by many going into Avenger Endgame; however, I can say with certainty that those ideas were proven very, very wrong. This movie gave new twists to old characters, and its three hour run-time allowed for nearly every character to have their own, fully developed character arc as the film progressed.

Though there were a few small things I didn’t like about the film, namely some changes to main characters personalities and appearances that took time to get used to, but for the most part those things could be overlooks and were largely overshadowed by the amount of good things that come out of the film. In addition to this, the appearance changes or personality changes characters had were all made to serve the story of the film in some way or the other, and they all had good reason to be there. Endgame had a perfect mix of humor, sadness, action, and story.

One of the few complaints I have heard from. Others is that there are some “forced” political moments and that the beginning of the film felt slow. Though some political moments did feel forced, I don’t believe they hurt the film at all, to me, some of the moments that have been complained about simply felt like neat ways to show off some of my favorite characters, or to put characters with small roles into bigger ones for future films. As for the intro of the movie feeling slow, this may be somewhat true, but with a three hour run-time, it is reasonable, and should be expected, that the slow, exposition portion of the film might be a little longer than in other movies.

Overall, I would give this movie a strong 9.5/10, and believe that it, along with possibly being the movie of my generation, Endgame is truly one of the best cinematic experiences of all time (but only if you have seen enough of 21 the previous films to know what’s going on.)

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