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by Alexis Faulkner, Journalism I student

As the 2018-2019 school years ends, many new things are in store for the upcoming school year; one being the new head coach for the girls’ soccer team.

Michael Lovett was announced as the new coach on Thursday, March 28, right after school. For some, the change is a little scary, but for others it is a new start for the girls’ team.
Sophomore Madlyn Calabrese has been playing soccer with OHS since sixth grade, and said she thinks the team is going to learn new things.
Calabrese added, “Getting a new soccer coach opens up new plans, and a new way to look at soccer. Everyone is so used to the old (ways), and this change is good.”
Natalie Lamar, freshman has played soccer one year with OHS, and said that the teamwill be pushed to limits they have never been pushed to before. Lamar added, “I think it is definitely a step forward in achieving our goals as a team.”
Coach Lovett started at OHS as an instructional assistant in August of 2018, although, previous to that he volunteered with Coach Pool and the
boys program in 2013-2015. Lovett’s resume starts in 1992 and continues to present day filled with many positions he has held. He has coached in four different states for many colleges and club teams
Excited about becoming the new coach, Lovett said rebuilding the program to where it needs to be is a challenge he is ready for. Coach Lovett has many goals in mind for his team saying, “I would like to see us understand the game and each other better, all while developing

technical abilities of individuals and incorporating the middle school and JV teams in order to develop the program as a whole as we build towards future success.”
Lovett added, “I am so honored to be a part of the OHS Red Devil family and will do my best to represent OHS to the best of my ability.”

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