Owensboro’s Fall Sports Plagued By Injuries


Like it or not, Owensboro High School is identified with successful sports programs. As the season progresses, our records look great. This success has not come without adversity, though. With sports, when success comes, it isn’t rare for injuries to follow.

For a while, it seemed as if the members of our fall sports teams were dropping like flies.

According to members of the front office, elevator keys are all out. It seems like more students are hurt than ever before.

The football team is 3-1 so far and several of its key members are sidelined by injuries.

Austin Gough (11), a top recruit in his class, broke his fibula in a pre-season scrimmage and may not return until after fall break.

Monte Owlsley (12) tore his ACL and meniscus at a preseason camp and is out for the season. Owlsley unfortunately, will also miss the basketball season.

As practices ramped up, Cameron Thompson (12) tore his quad. Fortunately, he has been able to play in our last few games.

Trace Grenier (12) tore his meniscus leading up to the season but fortunately, he only missed a few weeks.

The freshman football team is following in varsity’s footsteps, coming in with a good record of 4-1. Kasey Boone (9) their starting quarterback, broke his collarbone and may return by the end of October.

The soccer team has started off with their best record in years. They are on an 8 game hot streak. Their biggest reason for their success is their lack of injured players.

The two backup goalies for varsity: Bryson Wilkerson (12) and Logan Lanham (10) both had injuries that plagued some of their seasons. Wilkerson hurt his ankle while Lanham tore his labrum, keeping him off the field for the rest of the season. Lanham will have surgery in late September.

The JV team misses their starting goalie.

The volleyball freshman, JV, and varsity teams are in the process of improving. Their injuries keep piling on. Their rigorous schedule in an intensive sport has caused some fatigue injuries for many players.

Krystell Pappas (11) (pictured above) has tennis elbow and tendonitis in her knee. She is still playing but taking precautions for her health.

Hadley Hughes (11) hurt her shoulder and is waiting on her MRI. While varsity is healthy, many starting freshman players have had to take off games.

Players like Mia Covington (9), Chase Mather (8), Hannah Ashley (8), and Kendra Hill (9) are all injured and waiting to come back. Kennedy Thompson (9) has just been cleared to play after sitting out for her hurt shoulder.

Covington and Mather have hurt backs. Ashley separated her shoulder in a JV game and Hill broke her foot. 

Cross Country has had its fair share of injuries too.

Adrien Askin (10) tore his meniscus and has finally been cleared to compete.

Clayton Rhoads (12) is struggling with a broken toe, and many of the other members are taking precautions to protect their bodies in the long, endurance filled sport.

Owensboro Golf hasn’t had any major injuries to share but they are having fun, learning the game, and improving by the day.

As Owensboro High School gets filled by crutches and casts, it is imperative that athletes take precautions and train their bodies to support these physical sports. Of course, we send our thoughts to the injured and we hope they come back quickly and healthy.

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