Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

I’m Going to be on Reality TV… maybe

Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with the TV show “Survivor.”

“Survivor” is a reality TV show where 18-20 Americans are marooned on a tropical island and are forced to work together to survive. While surviving the  food shortages and elements, they also have to “survive” each other by creating alliances and trying not to get voted off by other contestants. The last person standing wins the million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor.

This past Thursday OHS senior Olivia Miller and I traveled to Bowling Green to try our hand at reality TV by being part of a “Survivor” casting call. This process for the TV show “Survivor” involves a one-on-one interview to try to win over the producers and move on to the next round of the casting process.

We arrived at the Hot Rods Baseball Ballpark half an hour early, there was already a huge line formed. We were assigned numbers; Olivia #153, and myself #154, out of over 500 hopeful castaways that day. Many different personalities made up the waiting line: from a circus performer with a footlong mustache, to a beautiful 24 year old country music singer from Nashville, to an older mother of four who is a physical therapist. We met a plethora of people from around the country, which made the hour and a half wait very entertaining.

Once the process began, we had to sign legal papers and fill out some personal information. Time moved quickly. Many sponsors had booths along the way giving away free items and allowing us to try several “survivor type challenges.” We were given the exact questions we would be asked so we had time to think through our answers, and the understanding that we had exactly ONE MINUTE to make a big impression.

Why do you think you could win Survivor

Are you a fan of the show? If so, why?

How do you already play Survivor in your daily life?

What past survivors are you like in real life?

When our numbers were called we were led upstairs to a set of rooms where we were “mic’d up” and told to get ready. True to their word, we had literally 60 seconds of interview filmed and were then sent on our way. After the interview process, one of the event supervisors hunted us down to interview us about my Survivor Promposal to Olivia last year, and how we incorporated our love of the show into our prom attire. Miller said it was “amazing just to go for the experience to see how the casting process works” and that she “loved the show for so long and it was exciting to even be there.”

We had a great time meeting other fans of the show and, who knows, maybe  you will find us in the islands of Fiji over the winter filming a future season of Survivor and competing for one million dollars. We wouldn’t complain if OHS had to mail us our diplomas!

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