After October 20th, some of the parking spaces will have a whole new look. They will no longer just be plain, gray concrete with rows of white lines.

When students and teachers arrive at school on the morning of the 21st, the parking lot will have an assortment of colors and designs painted all over the teacher’s spots. The Student Y members are currently in the process of painting these parking spots as a fundraiser.

The students voted on several different fundraiser ideas and the painting parking spots fundraiser was the overall winner. They decided that each parking spot would be sold for $50 and they ended up selling a total of 20 parking spots to teachers and staff. 

Addison Callis (11), said, “I look forward to painting with my friends and leaving my mark on the parking spaces, but I’m worried about how long it will take and how hot it’s going to be.” 

Coach Houston said he received a parking spot as a gift. Someone made a design for him which included the FCA logo, stick figures of his family, and footballs. 

The Student Y members are the students who are involved in KYA and/or KUNA. KYA and KUNA are conferences held by the Kentucky YMCA Youth Association.

These three-day conferences are held annually in Louisville for high school students in Kentucky. KYA is usually held in the fall and students discuss and debate statewide issues, however, KUNA is held in the spring and worldwide topics are covered rather than statewide issues.

The money raised will help pay for things such as food, hotel rooms, and buses for the trip. 

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