Fri. Feb 3rd, 2023

Spin on Learning

Halloween is coming up and Ms. Ripley’s Science Fiction and Literature class is taking a spin on their normal learning. She decided to dedicate this month’s content to monsters in literature. Ripley said, “We’re not just talking about monsters, but if and how monsters could be people and what could symbolize a monster.” 

This unit could’ve been your average learning, that leaves kids bored and forgetting the information they just learned. But the creative freedom will allow the student to retain the information with ease.  

The class is currently crafting their own versions of monsters. Using googly eyes, toilet paper rolls, markers, and more. This is obviously a non-traditional way of learning that seems to be effective to most.  Bebe (10) agrees a creative way of learning is better because “it’s more hands on.”

Her class has different languages and all grade levels learning. Ripley chose this hands on activity so her students could communicate and have fun, while being from a range of backgrounds. This project has helped personalities come out and express their artistic ability that once was not visible.

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