Monday, November 4th, was a super fun night for the class of 2020.

 A senior-only dance was held at the newly opened Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame and Museum downtown. Most school dances are usually on Friday and Saturday nights, but this dance was scheduled on a Monday because of the day off for Election Day on Tuesday. The event began at 9:00 and ended around 11:00. Students paid $5 at the door when they arrived.

 There wasn’t a specific attire for the dance. Many students dressed as they would for homecoming. However, some students just wore everyday clothes. 

The dance was organized by Mary Grace Hemingway (12).  She organized it for her Bluegrass Scholars project. “I knew that we used to have one back in the day and with our class already being so close to one another I knew we could make it fun”, she said. 

The dance was only for OHS seniors. Seniors from the Owensboro Innovation Academy did not attend the dance. Hemingway said she and Mr. Delacey decided on having only OHS seniors at the dance because OIA students have their own, separate dance that OHS students aren’t allowed to attend. She then said, “We also wanted to bring the class together, and since we don’t see the OIA students, we didn’t think it would make sense.” However, she mentioned that some OIA students did show up, but were not turned down. 

Layne Draeger said her favorite part about the dance was that it was all seniors. She said, “I felt like this year we’re all just a lot closer than we have been in the past.” Draeger also added, “Butch Grenier is a legend with the music.” 

PSTO helped to pay the rent for the room at the museum. Private donors also helped with decorations and drinks. 

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