We’ve heard your complaints — you want more enjoyable school events. On December 13th, the sophomore class is sponsoring the first annual Devil Olympics. Students and competitors will get out of class 4th period to compete against other classes in athletic events.

The class officers representing our student government have done their best to put together a list of their most talented students. Athletics are the main focus, but a fun twist of OHS trivia will be included.

The team captains will be the class officers. Rosa Almanza (9), Ava Bouie (10), Carter Rose (11), and Jaiden Greathouse (12) will choose which members to allocate to each game.

Different skills are required; strength, speed, and other forms of athleticism.

This event will serve as a class fundraiser for the sophomore class. Mr. Sandefur, their class sponsor, will be getting t-shirts for each roster. The t-shirts will have a screen printed design and competitors will be charged $5 to cover the t-shirt costs.

All students who wish to attend will be charged $2 for tickets. Similar to other fundraiser events, the tickets will be sold during lunch for a few days leading up to it.

Sports games including tug-of-war, relays, arm wrestling, and a girl and guy game of knockout will be the source of competition at the event. The classes will compete against each other and points will be awarded to each team.

At the end of the event, a class will be crowned champion. Obviously, the winning team will have bragging rights until a similar event happens again.

The sophomore officers have been working tirelessly to put on this event and the class is excited to get more money for their class account.

Tickets will be on sale December 12-13, and students hungry for competition are encouraged to attend.

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