Fri. Feb 3rd, 2023

Big Blue Bridge could be beacon for green community

Lighting the bridge downtown will look good, but at what cost?

It is projected will Earth will run out of fossil fuels in 50 years. The loss of coal and oil will alter the way we live forever, starting with no electricity for most people. This is a crisis humanity has to fix imminently, not just for the human race, but for the planet. As climate change is blasting its full effects, the government is continuing to ignore it. Since national government seems to largely disregard this issue, it is up to the local leaders to institute positive action. 

On January 6th, 2020, the city of Owensboro ended the recycling of cardboard. This is a major step backward from going green. One of the most accessible ways to reduce the effects of climate change is solar power. Solar power is an efficient way to generate electricity by absorbing sunlight into a panel. 

Along with the reduction of fossil fuels, solar power has positive impacts on the economy. A school district in California saved $9 million in 25 years by changing to solar panels.

Solar power implements economic and environmental benefits that could benefit and advance Owensboro. So if it provides growth to the city, which is what our leaders main focus is, then why not make this concept possible? 

Starting February 3rd, the of Owensboro is putting color changing lights on top of the bridge downtown. This project will cost $1.9 million. Although color changing lights are cool, they do not have any promised statistical benefits. If the city is not willing to charge for recycling, then why are they willing to pay for the lights that make no profit?

Putting solar powered lighting on the bridge would be a great way to introduce solar energy to the city. This would allow the community to be slowly familiar with this new form of energy, so if citizens do not agree with this they will have a chance to see the benefits or present the negatives to the leaders of Owensboro.

Solar energy is the latest energy efficient technology that is the easiest to implement. Beginning this in Owensboro would make us cutting edge. Owensboro is developing, and more projects are to come. Initiating a greener source of energy will be a way to develop the city even quicker.  

If Owensboro is all about development, then why not do it in a way that will improve our city, environment, society, and generations to come?

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