These days at Owensboro High School when you say, “Ms. Greer…” two people will turn around instead of one. Ever since we got back to school after Christmas break Mrs. Greer has been teaching English on the third floor in Mrs. Harrelson’s former room. 

Ms. Greer is an Owensboro native. She graduated from Apollo High School in 2015 and went on to continue her education at Kentucky Wesleyan College. While she was at KWC she majored in secondary education with an emphasis in english. 

Ms. Greer says she didn’t always want to become a teacher. “I actually changed my major my sophomore year to education because I saw how much my friends loved it and it was so rewarding for them. I loved my subject area enough to where I wanted to do something that mattered with it.”

This is Ms. Greer’s first teaching position. Her previous experience has come from student teaching and observation. She decided to come to Owensboro High School because she did some of her observations here and she says she noticed, “How awesome the culture was here and she had known people while she was in high school who went to OHS and they were just always so proud to go here.” 

Ms. Greer has very high expectations for herself. She hopes for lots of new experiences. She says her favorite thing about OHS so far is the students. “I love how there’s so many different backgrounds and everyone has a different story.”

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