Fri. Feb 3rd, 2023

5 Valentines Day Trends That Need To Stop

1. Chocolate Roses

Giving someone chocolate roses may be killing two birds with one stone. However, one of those birds is your Valentine’s love for you because you failed to get them roses and a box of chocolates. Instead, you took the lazy route and combined the two. It’s just not the same.

2. Giant teddy bears 

The only use for those 5-foot teddy bears is to cut them open and use them as a fresh skin suit. Spending $50 on a bear that will ultimately replace you as your significant other’s cuddle buddy is just punching your own ticket.

3. Candy hearts 

Receiving candy hearts is a sweet sentiment. However, it is the same as eating chalk, and the little messages are old and worn out. Ditch the tarts, it’s time for a new start. 

4. A talking bear

There is nothing worse than receiving a bear from a person you’re not so into, but when it has a recorded message of them telling you they love you, it can turn a good Valentine’s Day into a nightmare of annoying heartfelt messages.

5. Empty jewelry boxes

Oh wow, a fancy jewelry box, but guess what? It is empty! Like all your hopes of getting a brand new diamond ring, or a beautiful pearl necklace. 

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