Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

The One Where There Was NO Prom

Last night, April 24th, 2020, was the night that just about every OHS junior and senior had been looking forward to all year. It was supposed to be the night where we all looked our absolute best in the gowns/tuxedos that we had spent months looking for. 

As cliche as it sounds, it really was going to be the time where we made some of the greatest memories all night until we could see the sunrise. Sadly, this year things took a turn. Although it was not what anyone expected, we are all trying to look on the bright side and realize that there are much bigger issues. However, one question that just about every girl is asking is what is everyone doing with the dresses that we hunted for, obsessed over, and in some cases, spent a lot of money on. 

Prom shops can be a little stingy on returns or exchanges, so it seems as if taking dresses back is more than likely out of the picture. At this time, the shops are not even open to answer questions about returns. 

Most students are still unsure about what they will do with the dress that they bought and many are holding onto them in hopes that a prom will still happen sometime this summer. 

Avery Elliott (11) says, “Well as of right now, I’m holding onto it and hoping for the best.” Luckily for juniors, they still have one more year of prom and could potentially wear it at a later time, but that is not the case for the seniors. 

Angel Canady (12) was lucky enough to have been able to work out a deal with the girl she bought her dress from. Aja Herbert (12) says, “As of right now, I am planning on keeping my dress until next prom season and will try to sell it then.” Not only is the question circling the juniors and seniors, but also the few sophomores that were planning on attending. 

Darby Haire (10) and her boyfriend, Nick Belcher (12) decided to make the most of the night and went ahead and took pictures in their prom outfits. Darby says that she is hoping there will still be a prom, but she is not too worried because she was able to find a dress for a good price. 

No girl is certain what they will end up doing with the dresses they bought, but it seems like everyone is hoping to wear the dress at a later time or be able to find a new home for it.

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