By: Ashlynn Starks & Kelsey Martin


At Owensboro High School, the main topic of conversation has been about the new Netflix series “Dahmer”. In case you don’t know who Jeffrey Dahmer is, he is known as the “Milwaukee Cannibal” or “Milwaukee Monster.” He was an American serial killer who committed the murder of seventeen men and boys between 1978 and 1991. 

We interviewed our psychology teacher, Mr. Morris, and asked several questions as to why he thinks Dahmer performed these abhorrent acts.

Why are we so interested in serial killers?

According to Mr. Morris, “We are so interested in serial killers because we want to understand why and how they did what they did and what made them do it. This is due to the natural interest we have; we wonder about these things.”

What do you think caused Dahmer to act this way? 

Mr. Morris said that it is, “Very likely an underdevelopment in the frontal lobe that’s connected to the brain to make you rethink right and wrong decisions.” This essentially means Dahmer couldn’t rethink his decisions and had no empathy for his actions. 

Why is there more media coverage on the killer rather than the victims?

According to Mr. Morris, “We have a deeper feeling of fascination for the killer.” Meaning we want to know more of what makes someone do these things. People’s interests are more towards a person killing 17 people rather than 17 people getting killed by someone; you want to look into the killer more because it makes you wonder, “Why’d he kill these people?”

What are the mental consequences for the victims that got away? Mr. Morris said,  “[The victims could end up with] PTSD, anxiety, depression, survivors guilt, [which is wondering], why me?”


In conclusion, we will never truly know the reason why Dahmer acted the way he did. It was likely because of a frontal lobe issue, but regardless, we will always mourn the loss of his victims and truly feel for those that survived. We (Ashlynn & Kelsey) very much appreciate Mr. Morris for taking the time to talk with us about this infamous piece of American history.

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