Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

By: Holly Williams, Kyla Cottoner, Krislyn Meadows

What would you do with an unexpected amount of money? Say $2,000? If you don’t know, just ask Will Jones, the winner of the Kentucky Opera Theater Young Singers Vocal Competition at the University of Kentucky. 

Thirty students were chosen to travel to Lexington on October 1st and battle for the title of best voice, technique, and presentation in the state. 

Three classical songs were sung by each contestant and it all came down to the UK judges. And who was the best of the best in the judge’s minds ( ears)? None other than our very own Red Devil, senior Will Jones! 

How did he feel going into the competition? As quoted, “I was nervous. It took a lot of preparation…probably about four months.” 

What did he do to prepare for such a significant accomplishment? Will said he, “…practiced with his voice teacher once a week and even had to learn another language to dominate this competition.”

As this crazy journey came to an end, he never expected he would win. “It was crazy,” he said, and the man just could not stop smiling. I mean who couldn’t with all of that amount of cash?!

For all of us Red Devils, we are incredibly proud of our peer Will Jones. We knew he was capable of amazing things and he proved all of us right. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for him and hope to see him on the big stage in the future!

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