By: Madison Slaton and Jaxon Eric

This year the Owensboro High School Percussion Ensemble has the privilege of performing their 2023 concert at the annual KMEA conference. KMEA stands for Kentucky Music Educators Association where music directors/educators from all over the state gather. Very few ensembles are selected to perform. Where most concerts are only 30 minutes, the percussion ensemble has been given an hour to be able to showcase its program in its entirety. While KMEA takes place in Louisville, anyone can enjoy Reimagine because a preview concert will be held in the OHS auditorium on February 7th at 7:00 PM.


“The title of this year’s show is ‘Reimagine’. It’s about reimagining or redefining oneself as we traverse through life. As the creators of the show, we challenge ourselves every year to reimagine unique ways to create music that is challenging, engaging, and fun for our students. Much of the music presented in our percussion concerts has been written or arranged by the directors. This allows us to write with students’ abilities in mind, but more importantly gives us the opportunity to experiment with creative instrumentation, involving a wealth of students in the performance.

The OHS Percussion Ensemble meets every other day during first block. While most students enrolled in the class started as middle school percussionists, many wind players participate in both the percussion ensemble and Red Steel. Our percussion studio is welcome to any student at OHS that is willing to put in the time and effort to excel in music. In a typical year (non-KMEA performance), the percussion show is run entirely by the students–lighting design, running stage lights and cameras, sound engineering, backstage managers, and audio engineers. It takes a village to put on such a large production!

We hope you enjoy this year’s show ‘Reimagine’.” – Aaron Klausing and Abe Barr


  1. “Liminality” by Dave Hall

with Jaxon Clark on Drumset

  1. “Earth Song” by Frank Ticheli arr. A. Klausing

with OHS Choir and Handbell Choir

  1. “Mr. Completely” by Ernest Anastasio arr. A. Klausing

featuring Red Steel with OHS Winds and guitar soloist Zach Leonard 

*World Premiere*

  1. “At the Gazebo” by Ernest Anastasio arr. A. Klausing

with OHS Strings and Winds

*World Premiere*

  1. “Trances II” by Ivan Trevino
  2. “Number 2” by Dave Longfellow
  3. “Gravity” by Sara Bareillies arr. A. Klausing

with vocalist Dylan McCollam 

*World Premiere*

  1. “Trinity” by Mark Lettieri arr. A. Klausing

featuring OHS Winds and Monte Skelton

*World Premiere* 

  1. “One Big Party” by Shaun Martin arr. A. Klausing



Elizabeth Allen David Daniel Colt Howard 

Landon Block Dante Dillman Amyah Jones

Semaj Brown Jaxon Eric Faith Likens

Tiara Campbell Aubrey Evans Clay McDonald 

Jacob Chapman Evan Fulkerson Madison Slaton

Aaron Chappell Scarlet Head Justin Woodrome


Abe Barr Colben Settle Christian Carter

Josh White Jaxon Eric Michael Gesser

Colt Howard Faith Likens 

Red Steel 

Savannah Bellamy Scarlet Head Tiara Campbell

Amyah Jones Jacob Chapman Zach Leonard 

Dante Dillman Dahlyla Leslie  Jaxon Eric

Heaven Taylor  Aubrey Evans Justin Woodrome 


Nyla Ford Mya Kelly Sut Hting Pauhkum 

Ava Wiggins 


Kat Clark Heaven Taylor  Will Jones

Ava Wiggins  Dylan McCollam Bodie Moore 

Sut Hting Pauhkum Hayden Pierson


Dylan McCollam

Special Credit to Abby Lane for writing such a beautiful script and Caroline Smith for designing and drawing the stunning program art!

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