By: Landon Block & Samara Stewart

Congratulations to our academic team on a fantastic Governor’s Cup District Competition last Saturday! Owensboro High School hosted the local schools, and won first place overall for the second consecutive year, with an astounding 73 points- almost doubling Daviess County (second place)!!! They also placed first in quick recall, a team-based contest similar to quiz-bowl, as well as second in future problem-solving.

Owensboro had twelve students compete in individual written assessment and composition competitions. They will compete in the regional competition on February 18th at Daviess County High School.


  • Mya Kelly – 1st place in Language Arts with a perfect score


  • David Daniel – 1st place in Science, 2nd place in Math
  • Jacob Ladwig – 1st place in Math, 2nd place in Science
  • Beckett Gilmore – 1st place in Social Studies, 1st place in Arts and Humanities
  • Gunny Howard – 2nd place in Social Studies


  • Kaden Blankenship – 2nd place in Arts and Humanities
  • Georgia Calhoun – 2nd place in Language Arts, 4th place in Arts and Humanities
  • Landon Block – 3rd place in Science, 4th place in Math
  • Izzy Tipmore – 2nd place in Composition


  • Abby Ladwig – 4th place in Language Arts
  • Sam Busse – 4th place in Social Studies
  • Savannah Bellamy – 5th place in Composition

Quick Recall Members:

  • Mya Kelly
  • David Daniel
  • Beckett Gilmore
  • Kaden Blankenship
  • Landon Block
  • Orion Brey
  • Khoa Ta
  • Sam Busse

Future Problem-Solving Members:

  • Jacob Ladwig
  • Tiara Campbell Newton
  • Kaden Blankenship
  • Abby Ladwig

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