By: Cameron Fulkerson

The Super Bowl is well known for its various and unique commercials to say the least. Everything is on the table for them; creativity, technical execution, memorability, celebrities, etc.  So here is my ranking of some of the most popular and interesting commercials of all time.

5. Doritos Western Dance-Off (2020)

This commercial is hilarious. It begins with teasing a western quick-draw, then quickly turns out to be a dance-off between Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott. It is funny from the fact that it makes no sense at all and that, like so many Super Bowl commercials, is what makes it memorable. 

Doritos Super Bowl Commercial 2020 Lil Nas X, Sam Elliott The Cool Ranch

4. Feed the World a Snickers (2020) 

In 2020, Snickers portrayed the world as angry. So to try to make it a better place, the people of Earth come together and feed the planet a Snickers. The main reason I liked this is because it unintentionally foreshadowed the year ahead. 

Snickers Super Bowl Commercial 2020 Luis Guzman Fix The World

3. The Force – Volkswagen (2011)

In this commercial from 2011, a kid plays Darth Vader and tries to use the force on various things, but fails. When his parents bring home a Volkswagen, he tries using the force one more time. His parents trick him into thinking he was successful in turning it on. It is pretty entertaining commercial all-around.

The Force – Famous Volkswagen Superbowl Commercial

2. Walmart Infamous Product Placement Commercials (2019)

Walmart is known for their Super Bowl commercials. In 2019, they basically just took a ton of popular characters and had them go shopping at Walmart. And it’s also impressive how they get a ridiculous amount of licensing from IPs, such as Star Trek, The Lego Movie, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters and many more. 

Walmart, “Famous Cars” | “Grocery Pickup” | Super Bowl Commercials 2019

1. Mr. Peanut’s Interesting Life (2020)

Prior to the 2020 Super Bowl, there was a commercial released in which Mr. Peanut sacrifices his life to save his friends, causing a shock to the world. Fast forward to Super Bowl Sunday, and Planters releases a commercial focusing on Mr. Peanut’s funeral. There were many brand mascots such as Mr. Clean and The Kool-Aid Man in attendance, and after a riveting message delivered by Wesley Snipes (and some tears from his mascot friends), he was brought back to life, reincarnated as a baby. The two commercials paired together made it quite memorable.

Mr. Peanut dies in pre-Super Bowl ad

Planters Mr Peanut Funeral. Super Bowl 2020

Well that was interesting. With this being the biggest sporting event of the year, people will have their eyes glued to the TV, even during breaks. I wonder what will happen this year??

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