By: Morgan Turner

Have you ever wondered why there are so many bald teachers here at OHS? Statistics say four out of five male teachers at OHS suffer from baldness every year (facts are optional). And there are many signs of baldness that we fail to see every day here in the Red Devil’s den, one of these being a teacher or coach that likes sports. For example, Mr. Hicks is a bald man who just loves teaching and sports. The people of OHS need to know about this serious matter and learn the different ways they can help. Some of these include Rogaine, aloe vera, or kind words, such as, “Bald is beautiful”.

With that being said, there are many questions for the bald squad here at OHS. What hair color is on your driver’s license? What kind of conditioner do you use? How do hats stay on your head? But it seems like no one is asking the real questions, like, what challenges do you go through as a bald person in your everyday life? We need to stop dismissing the challenges of our hairless role models.

As questions will continue to linger around the hallways of our school, we need to continue to stand with these teachers and coaches that have to deal with being bald everyday. Maybe one day they will all invest in a wig.

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