By: Luttrell (Posted by: Samara Stewart)

OHS Juniors will be taking the state-administered ACT on Tuesday, March 7th.

KDE’s primary use of the college admissions exam is to measure students’ level of readiness for college in core academic content areas. Meeting benchmarks on the ACT is one-way students can demonstrate academic readiness in the Postsecondary Readiness indicator of the state’s accountability system for school.

Beyond the state use of results, the state-administered college admissions exam also benefits students, their parents, and educators in several ways. Administering the college admissions exam as part of the state testing program provides students the opportunity to take the ACT at no cost. The exam is administered during the school day, providing equitable access for all students. Additionally, many colleges, universities, and organizations that offer merit or academic scholarships will identify and award financial assistance based on scores from a college admissions exam such as the ACT.

Our Juniors are #REDy for the ACT!

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