By: Te’Asia Calhoun

It’s that time of the year again! MARCH MADNESS! To celebrate, OHS will be doing a spirit theme for the whole month. March will be a long stretch of no breaks, except for the last day of March, which is the start of Spring Break. Push through and keep going. During March we have March Madness, Women’s History Month, school testing, and the Fine Arts Festival. The ball is in our courts, Red Devils. Let’s get our game faces on, and our minds focused.  One of the theme days that sticks out to me is Sports Team/Jersey Day on the 27th. Here are the other theme days you can look forward to this month:

3/1 – OHS March Madness Kickoff (wear red and black)

3/2 – Duo Day (match with someone)

3/3 – Patriotic Day

3/6 – Favorite Band/ Favorite Artist Day 

3/7 – College Alma Mater Day

3/8 – Color Wheel Day 

3/9 – Throwback Thursday

3/10 – Red Carpet Ready

3/13 – KY Teams’ Day

3/14 – Pi / Education Day 

3/15 – Wellness Wednesday

3/16 – Holiday Day 

3/17 – St. Patrick’s Day

3/20 – Earth Day

3/21 – Dress For A Causse Day

3/22 – Dress As Young As You Feel 

3/23 – Animal Print Day

3/24 – Character Day 

3/27 – Sports Team/ Jersey Day

3/28 – Tacky Tourist Tuesday 

3/29 – Hawaiian Day

3/30 – Beach Day

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