By: Cameron Fulkerson

Prom is a dance, essentially designed for high school juniors and seniors so they can have one last event together prior to graduation (and for the most part never seeing each other again). All students wear their Sunday best and dance the night away.

The first “promenade” dances were held in the 19th century at universities for young men to show off their mannerism and social skills. By the 1930s, these events became more common in high schools where they became more casual. The main difference for high school prom was that they were chaperoned. Around 1950, the prom king and queen were introduced, which became a way for students to decide who was the most popular in school. 

The Owensboro High School Prom will be held this Friday, April 18 at 8:00PM at the Riverpark Center. The theme is “A Night on the Red Carpet!” Students may pick up their prom tickets before school in the cafeteria from 7:30AM to 8:25AM or during lunch from 12:00PM to 2:00PM. Tickets will be available for pick-up during class change in the front lobby by the trophy case between 1st block, advisory, and 2nd block. Rember, this is a regular school day, so you must follow normal check out procedures on this day.

And that is what you need to do about the prom this year, so get to it!

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