By: Cameron Fulkerson

Today is Thursday, May 4th,which means it is Star Wars Day! But why? 

May the 4th is considered Star Wars Day because it sounds similar to the popular saying, “May the force be with you”. The first recorded saying of the phrase was in a 1979 UK advertisement for Star Wars: A New Hope, while it was first muttered in film by General Jan Dodonna in the same movie. Since the explosion of Star Wars, the phrase has gained worldwide popularity. And thus, May the 4th is now Star Wars Day.

OnMay the 4th, Star Wars fans join in together to celebrate this long-running 46-year old phenomenon. They share in the many great things about it and many memories generated, along with dressing up as characters and many more interesting things. For the darker side, there is also Revenge of the 5th to celebrate the villains. 

Now what is Disney planning for this year? There is Season 2 of Star Wars Visions, which is different studios making different non-canon stories for the franchise. Plus, they are having a special party at Disneyland for the month of May.

So that’s the story and why this day is beloved and exciting for many Star Wars fans. May the 4th be with you, always!

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