Graduation digital clock clings to cartoon wall vector illustration

By: Bella Herrera

Approximately 13 years, or 2,236 days, or 15,652 hours is how long ago our school days began; all that time, but in this moment, it’s felt like just one minute. One minute until class is over. One minute until the last bell rings. One minute until practice is done. And one minute until you all will not step foot in the same school building again. One minute.

As students, we’re always rushing around, waiting until our time is up, and oh, how it goes by so quickly. One year until graduation turned into one semester, then one month, then one week, until suddenly it’s one minute until they call your name to walk up on that stage. Until this, you never really think about how much you’d want all of that time back. One more minute with your classmates, teachers, and teammates. One more minute to enjoy high school again. Everyone always said high school flies by and we are supposed to enjoy every moment. I didn’t realize how true that was until now.

As a freshman, the goal was to enjoy every moment. For us, that was the year of firsts…first homecoming, prom, finals, then suddenly, we ended up with a long spring break that resulted in not coming back for the rest of our freshman year.

Then sophomore year came and everything sped up. School was a blur, as nothing really felt unimportant. It wasn’t until then that any of us realized “normalcy” was over. Covid happened and the school year was spent at home, chained to a computer, seeing everyone through a screen.

Junior year finally came, but everything had changed. A new schedule was introduced and masks were mandatory. The school year felt less stressful and shorter due to the mix of virtual learning and quarantines, and the lack of a normal routine. Suddenly, it was May and we were enjoying the sun, wondering where the year went. The speed with which everything was taking pace continued to increase, as our senior year finally crept up on us.

College applications were due, seasons were beginning and ended, and finally, it’s the final semester of senior year. This was the year that flew by the fastest. Everyone was so caught up in the craziness of making up for lost time that we never got to stop and really enjoy the moment. I would give anything to have one more minute to walk the halls with my friends or laugh in lunch one more time. One more minute to cheer my school on until my throat was hurting. One more minute for everything.

I would like to thank the staff that has helped me throughout my time at OHS. If there is one thing I would want anyone to take from this, it is that we spend so much time wanting something to end that we never appreciate it in the moment. So stop and enjoy what’s happening right now. To all the underclassmen, enjoy high school because it goes by way too fast.

Class of 2023, when you walk across the stage of Rash Stadium, enjoy the moment. Take everything in. Look at your friends and appreciate all the times you’ve spent together (including this one) and envision what your future holds. And enjoy those last few minutes when you leave that parking lot, because regarding your time as a student at Owensboro High School, that will be the end.

Congratulations to the Class of 2023!