REMINDER: Mother’s Day is this Sunday!

By: Cameron Fulkerson

Here is your annual reminder, Mother’s Day is coming this Sunday. This also raises the questions, what is Mother’s Day and why do we celebrate it? 

Mother’s Day is the day we get to celebrate mothers around the world and their efforts to raise the next generation. Ironically, the holiday was created by non-mother, Anna Jarvis, after her mother’s death in 1905. She decided that people needed to honor mothers in some way and in 1908, she organized the first official Mother Day celebration at a church, which in turn became a huge success. This led to massive campaigning for it to become a national holiday, and it succeeded, as the day became a holiday in 1912 under President Woodrow Wilson. 

Nowadays, all mothers celebrate this day, as children and loved ones shower them with flowers and gifts to show their appreciation for all their matriarch(s) have done in their lives. This holiday also provides an opportunity to visit with other relatives and reconnect with their family lineage.

So there you have it, your reminder and a history of Mother’s Day. Now go out and celebrate all of the mothers in your life. They have given you life, but also so much more that so often goes by the wayside.

And to all of the mothers at Owensboro High School, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!