By: Hunter Hite & Brandon Vickers (featuring Robert Morris)

The Rose Curtain Players will be performing the classic, It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play this Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at 7:00 PM in the Black Box Theatre at OHS (November 30th through December 2nd).

Staged as a traditional 1940’s radio show, the production has live sound effects and a cast playing over 40 different characters! If you have ever seen the classic film, you know that the main character, George Bailey, has quite the Christmas Eve, as he realizes the things that are important in life. The RCP actor that will bring this to life here at OHS is Robert Morris. We were able to sit down with Robert and ask him a few questions regarding the show:

Digital Devil: So Robert, you play George Bailey, the main character of the show. What are the best and worst parts about being the lead in a performance?

Robert Morris: The best thing is being able to show my range and the attention is pretty cool too. The worst part is definitely wearing a wig. Also, because this is a radio show, there’s a lot of talking and I’m on my feet pretty much the whole time.

DD: Do you have any favorite lines or parts in the show?

RM: My favorite part is when George returns to reality and is happy to be alive. But a close second is when Uncle Billy loses everyone’s money, a scene where I can show my anger without repercussions.

DD: Did you watch the film? How did film interpretation affect how you play the role?

RM: Yes. We watched it in class. It allowed me to really picture or imagine what’s actually happening in the scene. Since this is a radio show, there’s not as much visually as there is in the movie, so that really helped.

DD: This performance is in the Black Box Theatre. Do you prefer performing in the Black Box or on stage in the auditorium more?

RM: So performing in the Black Box is nicer, as it’s easier to rehearse because it’s smaller and no one else is typically in there. But the downside is the limited seating issue. Ticket reservations, trying to make sure everyone has a seat and everything, it makes it a little difficult. So performing and rehearsing in the Black Box is better, but everything outside of the performance is more difficult. 

DD: Thank you, Robert. Everyone, be sure to come watch It’s a Wonderful Life, starring Robert and his classmates this Thursday, Friday and Saturday night in the OHS Black Box Theatre.

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