By: Leeland Hernandez & Allan Kalambayi

Prior to Christmas Break, we talked about the notorious Red Skull, one of the top villains in the MCU. This time, in our fifth installment, we will cover a villain of comparable levity and depravity, the Mad Titan himself, Thanos. 

Thanos hails from the planet Titan, a world that was destroyed by overpopulation. Because of this, he vowed to wipe out half of the population of every planet in order to preserve the universe’s resources. To complete his goal, he brutally and aggressively hunted down every Infinity Stone in existence. He then used the stones to wipe out half of all life in existence, and afterwards, destroyed the stones so nobody would reverse what he had done. It’s worth noting that before he was able to gain possession of the stones, he amassed an army to help conquer planets along the way. Because of this, his search for balance led to even more death and suffering.

Thanos’s superior strength allowed him to defeat the Hulk and the Avengers multiple times, and also allowed him to use the extreme power of the infinity stones twice. His ability to manipulate the masses is also a key to his power and hold on the galaxy, not to mention his deadly assassin daughters. Thanos is an extremely skilled and persistent foe, whose resolve would only end in death. Because of this, I consider him not just the best villain in the MCU, but the best villain of all time. 

Stay tuned for our final installment of the Marvel Villains series, as we will discuss the one and only, Doctor Doom!

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