By: Keeli Hanley

Historically, homecoming at Owensboro High School has been held on a Friday night following a basketball game. Last year, however, homecoming was held on a Saturday, and it seemed to have run pretty smoothly. But this year homecoming is back to a Friday, which brings up the debate, should homecoming be on Friday or Saturday?

Some people have held a negative view upon homecoming being held on a Friday. This being due to time. On Fridays, students have little time to get ready and hangout with friends before going to the basketball game, then the homecoming dance. It has also been brought to attention that most homecoming pictures are being taken outside (even if it is almost freezing). After spending a long day at school, then having to get ready, it’s almost guaranteed to be fully dark out, making it difficult to take nice pictures. When homecoming was on a Saturday, a lot of these issues seemed to be avoided, and there were some additional positives, such as: higher attendance because students will not skip school to get ready, having a full day to hangout with multiple friend groups, less stress on students to get ready, less stress on cheerleaders and basketball players because they have time to get ready for the dance and can enjoy the time with friends, etc.. And although having homecoming on a Saturday may be more difficult to find volunteers, last year proved that staff are willing to help out on a Saturday.

In conclusion, homecoming is set to be held on a Friday this year, and it will work out fine. But when weighing the benefits and negatives of hosting homecoming on a Friday versus on a Saturday, Saturday seems to be the most fitting. But what do you think? Should rescheduling homecoming be considered for the future? Would it be easier to have homecoming on a Saturday? Do you like homecoming on a Friday?