By: Leeland Hernandez & Allan Kalambayi

Born to impoverished Romani parents in the small European nation of Latveria, Victor Von Doom lost his mother to a soldier’s rage, and not long after, lost his father to a king’s vengeance.┬áThe hardships of his upbringing definitely worked to shape the villain he would one day become, as he made his first appearance in Fantastic 4 (Issue 8).

Most of the villains we have mentioned in this series are masterminds. It’s a common trait amongst the infamous. But Doctor Doom is the mastermind of all masterminds, outsmarting the likes of Kang, Thanos, and many more. He is not just intelligent, but also has plenty of strength to back up his smarts. Doom onced pulled Thanos’s spine out of his body, quickly killing him obviously, after asking whether he has the gauntlet on him and not getting the answer he desired. That’s a lot of strength considering how Thanos destroyed half of the galaxy in the Infinity Wars. 

Now, let’s dig a little deeper. At this point in the story, you are probably wondering what abilities Doctor Doom possess that are specific to him. First, he can perform dark magic, a rather powerful ability. He can also switch his mind with other people or machines. Doctor Doom is also skilled at fighting with swords and other weapons. And lastly, he has a special suit that makes him stronger, faster, and harder to wound. The suit can also fly in the air, create shields, shoot lasers and blasts, and many other amazing things.

Doctor Doom’s genius, manipulative nature, strength, and abilities make him, in my opinion, the strongest villain in the MCU. And we may be in luck, as his ETA in Marvel films is on the horizon.

With this installment, our six-part series about the ultimate and most formidable villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes to and end. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading along as we’ve very much enjoyed writing this series.