By: Brandon Vickers

For those of you out there interested in physical fitness, this is the article for you. I analyzed the programming of popular strongman Alexander Bromley and used the data he gathered to create my own program that can really help in strength building. 

Thanks to Bromley, I learned that through effective programming within the gym you can gain more significant strength boosts than going in blind. Once you configure a “split”, where you incorporate a proper order of exercises of the muscle groups to hit, and progress using this split, you can be more productive week-to-week. An example would be powerlifting training, using a high percentage of your maxes for bench, squat, and deadlift doing lower reps, but week after week adding more reps and eventually more weight. After this, you must incorporate proper macros to maximize your output. Macros include your caloric intake, protein intake, carb intake, and fat intake. Once you set your program and follow it properly, you will see great gains in your strength and muscle mass over time. An example of this would be “bulking” during the phase you are eating a caloric surplus to gain weight, while increasing your protein intake as well to gain muscle. But while doing both of these, you must be training consistently and at a high level of intensity.  

At just 37 years old, Alexander Bromley has already put up a total of 1603.8 pounds for the big three lifts, already putting him in the top 5% of powerlifters who have ever competed. So if you are serious about increasing your strength, I think you should look no further than his research, just as I have. Happy lifting!