By: Madelyn Castlen

Once upon a time, OPS students were given Apple laptops as their one-to-one computer. Unfortunately, not long after this began, it ended, as the Kentucky Department of Education signed a contract to use Microsoft products, effectively freezing out purchases of most Apple products by state schools. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. This April, the contract between Kentucky and Microsoft will expire, which opens up the possibility of Apple products re-entering our school. If given the option, I feel we should bring back Apple, and I would say a lot of my classmates would agree.

First off, Apple laptops don’t have a touch screen, which is better to use because it doesn’t glitch all the time. Also, the majority of students use Apple iPhones, so we are more familiar with those types of products than others. Personally, when I’m trying to fix something that goes wrong with my Chromebook, I have to look it up because it’s confusing. With Apple, I would be able to just do it without any interruptions, and I think a lot of other students would be able to do so as well.

Like anything, the more we use certain types of technology, the more familiar we are with it. Because of that, I think students were more productive when we had Apple computers because it allowed them to add more features and not have a million open tabs, which also gets confusing at times. Apple allows for more graphic designs and hard drives are accessible. While chromebooks have many creativity benefits, Apple has more and it’s not close.

Therefore, I think Macbooks are just better quality and easier to use and you don’t need some extra iPad looking thing to do your work. So cross your fingers. Maybe Apple will come back to OHS one day.