We’ve all grown to love Owensboro High School, whether you’re a young new freshman, our beloved seniors, the teachers who shape us or somewhere in between… we all have something we love about our school. Although many people are sulking and slumping around because of our early morning rising, we all have at least an idea of what we love here. For some it’s the friends we’ve come to know, for others it could simply be the opportunities offered at OHS. Despite our many differences we all have one thing in common, we all love our school!


Seniors: we’ve all seen them grow from their freshmen selves to their now about to be successful contributing citizens in our society. Before we say goodbye, it’s time to hear about their time at our school. Eric Epperson is a senior that everyone has come to know. Eric has lived in Owensboro his entire life. Eric says that he used to be afraid of people and their opinions and now he’s grown to be more accepting of everyone and their differences. Eric describes OHS as “a loving place, we all love each other, it’s just good all around.” Emma Kinsley our student body president, has also made some changes from her freshmen year “I used to be very worried about others opinion of me and now I don’t care,” While we may grow with age we all still have memorable stories that we’ll tell our kids someday. Emma’s memorable story just happens to be prom night. “I was at prom dinner and my zipper to my dress popped open and my grandma had to sew it back up before I could go to the dance.”


The newbie freshmen get barely any chance to be recognized so we’re going to give them their shot. AnaKaye Roberts is a freshman ready for this big change from middle to high school. “It’s a big change because we’re in a different school with kids of all ages,” she said although she’s only been here for a short time Anna likes OHS because “we treat each other like family.” Kindrick Williams also thinks school is enjoyable, saying, “I like P.E. because I get to be active.” While he likes being active that’s not the only thing he is hoping to gain from his time at OHS “I want to get smarter to go to college,” he says


The students are fun and all, but now it’s time to hear from the teachers. First up we have Mr. Maurice Wayne Sandefur one of our many new teachers. Sandefur says “I’ve just heard such great things about you guys and my heart just told me it was right.” He says the standout moment so far was “the pep rally on the first day, there were so many people and they just kept coming.” And while we are going to grow to know Mr. Sandefur we all do know and love Ms. Carolyn Greer. Ms. Greer has been a teacher for 27 years and this will be her 21st year at OHS. Now I know you’re all wondering what brought her here well, “I moved back here with my husband at the time to raise my kids, I had two girls, and there was a theatre opening at OHS.” “I love the community here.” She adds. So, get out there, meet people and make your mark.



6 thoughts on “Our love for OHS”

  1. I’ve only been a Owensboro for a few months now, but I already vastly prefer going here over my old school. OHS has many more opportunities on things to do, and many more diverse people.

  2. I think that this is a great story of different perspectives of the individuals at Owensboro High School. To show the similarities and differences of the newest people to our school and the people that have been here the longest. Everyone seems to agree that OHS is a school that everyone loves.

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