For the first time in the history of the program, the Encore show choir is open to underclassmen. This choir formerly showcased the talent of solely juniors and seniors who must be able to sing in 4-part harmony while dancing. These students are highly praised for their musical ability and asked to perform in various events in the community.

The past school year, the class was at its pinnacle with 16 seniors and only 4 juniors. The talent of the group was unlike it had been before. As the end of the school year came to an end, Mrs. Wiggins, the choral director, was faced with the predicament of finding enough students to fill the class after the loss of so many students. After losing a significant number of seniors, Wiggins wanted the class to be small with only the returning seniors and a few new faces. This was soon put to a halt when administration said the class needed at least 15 students to stay in the schedule.

For the first time since the start of the group, underclassmen were chosen to fill the spots. Worried that the class would not even be possible, Wiggins was shocked that the new group was so strong. Everyone was excited to get started with all of the talent they had gained.

Elizabeth Williams (12), said, “I was worried that the class wouldn’t happen, but I am now so excited to have the opportunity to continue with the show choir and welcome all of the new members this year.”

With new students stepping up to the plate to participate in something outside of their comfort zone, Encore can continue to be a legacy in the Owensboro Public Schools fine arts program.


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