Every school year we seem to have the same issue: classes need money. According to senior guidance counselor, Mrs. Fogle, the goal is for incoming senior classes to have $5,000 in their account. Senior activities are what can make or break senior year. The Holiday World trip alone costs around $5,000 and the class still needs extra money for things like after prom, senior picnic, after graduation, etc. Senior year is the most important when it comes to fundraising due to the amount of activities that take place.

Raising money can be a frustrating process because of participation. Many students choose not to fundraise for different reasons, one being that the specific fundraiser does not appeal to them. Julia Smith (11) says, “I love the idea of fundraising for the activities that we love, however it can be challenging to sell the items when we’re not interested in it.” It can be difficult to choose a fundraiser that will not only be liked by students, but will also be easy to sell to the community. Mrs. Fogle says that student participation in these crucial fundraisers is the only way classes are able to put on the activities that they wish for and look forward to.

School officials and parents do a great job each year to put on the fundraisers as well as the activities. Conner Rhoads (9) says, “All of our parents and teachers are amazing at advocating all of our fundraisers.” As evidenced by previous fundraisers, the problem is with the students. They don’t seem to grasp how important fundraising actually is. It isn’t until their senior year that they start to gripe and moan about not being able to do anything, when in fact it was their fault.




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