Owensboro High School has a rich tradition of excellence. Our fine arts department is
one of the top programs in the state, the athletics boast a numerous amount state championships
in multiple different sports, and our academics have improved to a top tier level. Our school’s
diversity shows that our acceptance and progressive attitude is successful in an academic setting.
Which all stems from our staff and faculties tried and true methods, that push students to be the
best version of themselves.
My experience at Senior High has been no different. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t
challenging or there wasn’t a learning curve. The staff and faculty are constantly challenging me
through my academics, art, and athletics. Looking back I can confidently say that all the work
has paid off, and I have gained the knowledge, discipline, and experience to be successful in the
future. Though it hasn’t been all work and no play, I’ve had more fun at Senior High than any
other place in my life. I may have been working hard most of the time, but in many instances the
work itself was fun. Training in my athletics, hours of singing, and writing papers with my
friends made our relationships stronger and created new friendships.
I wouldn’t trade my time at OHS for anything in the world. The relationships and lessons
I’ve formed here are things I will never forget. I’ve grown up drastically since my freshman year,
and I have my school to thank for almost all of that. I wouldn’t change a thing about this school
or my time here and I would do it all again. I’m so thankful for this school system and all the
hard work that goes into developing us kids into successful young adults. Forever I Love the

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