Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Battle Between the Italians

By Conner Rhoads and Lauren Webb

In Owensboro, we have a lot of pizza selections. But the question is… What is the best? I’m not talking about the kind that delivers it to you, rather the new pizza trend where you customize your personal pizza and they bake it right in front of you!

Lauren and I decided to do a taste test and report our findings.  On 9/27/19 around 12:30, we went to AzzipPizza and Mod Pizza, placed the same order of an original pepperoni pizza with two drinks. We came up with 11 criteria to judge the restaurants on, and the match was on!

Both restaurants have fast service and offer personalized pizza. One cool thing about each restaurant is the way they bake their pizzas. Mod pizza uses a fire brick oven, and AzzipPizza uses an electric converabelt for baking.

The two restaurants use different shapes of cheese, AzzipPizza uses sliced mozzarella cheese in the shape of squares, Mod uses shredded mozzarella cheese. Mod has a bigger menu selection, better crust, larger topping selection, and a bigger drink selection.

AzzipPizza and Mod have similar pricing for their pizzas, Azzip is slightly cheaper but also smaller in size.

Menu Selectionmod0
Crustmod       0
Topping Selectionmod0
Tastemod         0
Drink Selectionmod          0
Speed of Servicemod           0
Cleanlinessmod      0
Atmospheremod          0
Location          0azzip
Friendlinessmod          0
Total Wins:101

As with any food, the most important question is, which tastes better? Hands down, we both came to the conclusion that Mod Pizza’s pepperoni pizza tastes better……AzzipPizza’s pizza tasted good, but Mod Pizza tasted better.

It is more convenient to go to AzzipPizza, it’s right down the road from the school.  But if you want the best ….. drive out to MOD.

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