Fridays in many workplaces are often used for giving out rewards. Many employers reward their workers with incentives to look forward to the end of the week. 

While Owensboro High School doesn’t pay its students, who is to say we can’t have a small Friday reward? 

Students all over the building voice their displeasure with our Friday lunches. On Friday, our school serves us with Crispitos or taco meat with chips.

While many students enjoy the lunch, it is by far the most complained about option that our school offers.

The cafeteria should conduct a quick and easy poll, find out the student body’s favorite lunch, and reward us by having it on Friday. 

For example, many students enjoy the Buffalo Chunk and Chicken Parmesean meals. If the poll shows that either of these is the most popular option, then it should go to Friday, and the Crispito lunch should replace it.

The poll is easy. Our school does that many times a year for various activities like Class Officer elections. Switching up two days of the week for lunches may take adjusting, but after one week it shouldn’t cause any more work for the lunch ladies. 

We are not calling for a paid option like Little Caesars, we simply want to re-arrange two of the days.

The best lunch should be on Friday and the least favorite lunch should be on any other day of the week.

There are several reasons why switching up Friday’s lunch is a viable plan. 

Friday offers the most limited amount of options. The chili, baked potato, and yogurt bar are closed. Students who usually eat these options would have to eat the Crispito lunch. It would be more beneficial to have a more popular option on that day.

For the students that enjoy Crispitos, they are still going to have the lunch. No one is calling for the abolishment of Crispito lunches.

Also, this plan would not be impossible for the lunch ladies to execute. All that it would take is swapping two days of the week. Daviess County High School offers Crispitos on Tuesday, therefore there is no federal law tying us down to having it on Friday.

As springtime approaches, many people of the Catholic faith observe Lent. Lent is a time in which Catholics cannot eat meat on Fridays. Having a Friday lunch based around meat may be problematic.

Our school offers many different lunch choices, but by replacing a meal on Friday it may offer students an even tastier option. 

Our students work so hard day in and day out, lunch on Friday should be something to look forward to.

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